Michael Witwer Homestead, Earl Township, Lancaster, Pa.
Michael Witwer Homestead, Earl Township, Lancaster, Pa.

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This site is under construction.


Its purpose is to bring together the works of various Witwer family historians and assemble a composite history that is verified, to the extent possible, by primary source material.


While the focus will be on the family of Hans Witwer and his son, Michael, of Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, other Wittwer and Witwer families will be included.


Materials being assembled are as follows:


  • Research on the first four generations of the Hans Witwer family in America, as compiled by Thomas Witwer Richards, Denise Witwer Lahr, and Sally Miller Atkinson and published in The Witwer Legacy: Lancaster County Swiss-German Sons and Daughters and in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage. 
  • The record of Reverend George Witwer and Ananias Clime Witwer published in 1909 as Witwer Geneaology [sic] of America
  • The substantial records of Dorothy Witwer Stabler who spent years traveling with her husband checking phone books for Witwer entries. Dorothy carefully and comprehensively recorded an enormous body of information on address labels. Although a creative solution in the pre-computer era, the procedure does not allow easy access to information in the 3-inch thick stack of photocopies. As part of this effort, her work has been computerized. 
  • The compilation of Barbara Sutphin Witwer, focusing on the descendants of John Jacob Witwer.


Please contact me if you have information to share, and check back as the site develops.


Denise Witwer Lahr


William B. & Mary (Kring) Witwer 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Row 1 (seated, L-R): Lillie Witwer High, Connie (Mrs. Warren B.) Witwer holding Ronald Witwer, William B. Witwer, Mary Kring Witwer, Kate Kring (Mrs. Harry) Trostle, Susan Schweitzer (Mrs. Michael B.) Witwer
Row 2: Katie Witwer Good, Charles K. Witwer, Carl Witwer, Mabel Witwer, Doris Leeking, Sue Burkhart Witwer, Pearl Good, Arlene Good, Mildred Good, Martha McQuate (Mrs. Charles K.) Witwer,
Row 3: Lester E. Witwer, Warren Witwer, Richard Good, Clair Good, Harold E. Witwer, Monroe Good, Leon Good, John High, Monroe Good, Frank K. Witwer, Harry Trostle

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